Leatherman Tools Folding SUPER TOOL 300 Premium SILVER

Nářaďových knife Super Tool 300 is the largest and heaviest model tools of production firms LEATHERMAN. Super Tool 300 is a massive structure, equipped with all the important nástroji.Následovník famous Super Tool 200 Compared Super Tool 200 has a modified arm, the new insurance system and thus easier to control.

Description: – Made of stainless steel 400 series – Dimensions when closed 115 x 19 x 34mm-Weight 272 g

Features: – Strengthened head combination pliers with interchangeable blades for cutting wires after open-arms will extend combination pliers-pliers to the second part are formed semicircles for removing insulation from electrical drátůV openable handles are attached: – combination pliers-knife with a straight-edged knife with a serrated blade screwdrivers-width: 7 mm, 5 mm and 3 mm-screwdriver-digger-sided File-opener-saw-wheel suspension