Leatherman Tools Folding WINGMAN SILVER

Leatherman Wingman is a tool designed for projects around the house, at work or in a camp. Large, lightweight, stainless steel pocket tool Wingman is characterized by self-accessible blade knife, you open the thumb of one hand and a newly designed spring-loaded jaws of pliers. With lots of useful tools and with cool gaining this knife for everyone to value.


Spring combination pliers

Spring chipper soft wire

Combo Knife – 420HC steel

Rezák blisters and boxes

Scissors Nail file

Wood and metal

Small Screwdriver Medium Screwdriver

Phillips screwdriver Ruler

opener opener



Removable belt clip

stainless steel body

handle stainless steel

Warranty 25 years


length: 9.7 cm (closed)

Blade length: 6.6 cm

weight: 198.4 g