Introducing our new Buttstock Weight

The perfect accessory to decrease recoil and balance your rifle. This weight is designed to mount in the lower pocket of MDT ESS, ACC, and SRS V5 buttstocks, allowing for easy installation and a seamless integration into your rifle system.

Adding just 0.65 lb to your rifle, this weight is the perfect way to move your balance point rearward, allowing for a more comfortable and accurate shooting experience. Designed with high-quality materials and hardware, this weight is built to last and withstand even the toughest shooting conditions.


Installation is a breeze – simply remove the buttpad assembly, slide the weight into the lower pocket, attach with the included screws, and reinstall the buttpad assembly. The result? A perfectly balanced rifle with reduced recoil, allowing you to take your shooting to the next level.

The Perfect Complement

This buttstock weight is the perfect complement to our M-LOK Exterior Forend Weights, providing even more options for customizing your rifle to your exact specifications. So why wait? Add our Buttstock Weight to your rifle system today and experience the ultimate in balance and accuracy.