VICTORINOX RESCUE TOOL pocket knife serrated blade YELLOW

  • Pocket knife designed the rescue and security forces.
  • Victorinox Rescue Tool was developed in collaboration with the security and rescue forces during the five-year project.
  • Key features of this new pocket tool can be opened in the second and used immediately. All parts have been subjected to stringent tests, particularly tip for breaking a window and saw for cutting frangible glass. Thanks curved blade for cutting seat belts belts can be very safely pruned. The tool includes the most important functions for the deliverance of man trapped in a car. All tools must be readily available, can be opened while wearing gloves and are suitable for both right and left-handers.
  • special is the appearance Knife Rescue Tool with luminescent handle. Knife comes in a bright yellow red nylon case.
  • tip for breaking a window and saw for cutting frangible glass can be used separately and are easily replaceable.
  • 15 Number of features: big blade fuse with the eye for fast opening and serrated blades

Phillips screwdriver

tip for breaking windows



wire stripper

reamer, piercer

blade for cutting seat belts

key ring