Oryx Buttstock Adjustment Knobs

Introducing the Oryx Buttstock Adjustment Knobs, the ultimate solution for toolless adjustment of the buttstock cheek riser height on your precision rifle. Say goodbye to the hassle of needing tools to make adjustments, and enjoy the ease and convenience of this innovative product.

Sharing your rifle with other shooters or adding layers of clothing during the winter is no longer a problem. With the Oryx Buttstock Adjustment Knobs, you can easily adjust the cheek riser height to fit your needs. Additionally, taking out the bolt for cleaning or bore sighting a scope has never been easier.

This product is not only convenient but also affordable, making it a must-have for any precision rifle enthusiast. In particular, if you own a Savage Mk II .22LR, you will greatly benefit from the Oryx Buttstock Adjustment Knobs as the low placement of the action in the chassis can make bolt removal for cleaning difficult.

Don’t let the inconvenience of traditional adjustment methods hold you back. Upgrade your precision rifle buttstock with the Oryx Buttstock Adjustment Knobs and experience the ultimate ease and convenience of toolless adjustments. Order now and take your shooting to the next level!