The MDT [COMP BRAKE] was designed from the ground up by our sponsored shooter teams requirements, high tech mach flow gas simulations and countless hours of testing. This muzzle brake is the most effective brake currently available that also provides the least concussion to the shooter and spotter, by redirecting gas flow, allowing you to watch bullet flight and monitor hits and misses on target.


  • 4 ports, strategically cut at varying angles to maximize recoil reduction as well as minimizing shooter concussion
  • Forward facing -inchdisruptor-inch ports to better deflect gas away from the shooter
  • Tuneable upwards vented ports that can be open or closed with a slider mechanism for straighter rifle tracking
  • Serrated baffle tips to for improved gas flow and lower sound generation
  • Caliber specific bores for calibers ranging from .224-.338 cal
  • Multiple thread sizes available for each caliber configuration
  • Optimized for commonly available PRS calibers such as the 6BR, 6mm Creedmoor and 6×47 Lapua (as well as their variants)
  • Recessed target crown to reduce exit muzzle disturbance and protect secondary crown from damage
  • Purpose designed, self timing lock nut that reduces run-out, increases holding strength and is designed for use with MTU contour muzzles


  • 78 mm (3.1-inch) long* x 32 mm (1.25-inch) wide x 28 mm (1.1-inch) wide
  • Weight: 0.44 lbs / 200.7 g
  • Material: High Strength, Nitrided Steel