Goggles ESS ICE-2LS

Versatile goggles with interchangeable lenses and two shipping containers. ESS ICE-2LS safety glasses offer thanks to their unique properties Ballistic eyewear exceptional eye protection for every soldier policeman in the operational units rescuer or athlete. Glasses have modern design and are adequately protected against damage, such as scratches or glass frames. ICE-2LS offers excellent quality for any activities where it is needed high-quality eye protection applicable in different lighting conditions. ICE stands for Interchangeable Component Eyeshield. ICE-2LS design provides an unlimited field of vision Adjustable legs with molding ensure comfort for any user. The glasses can be purchased so-called Rx Insert the cartridge with a magnifying glass that can be installed in ordinary chain stores with the optics. Inserts for prescription lenses ESS P-2 Rx Carrier NEB intended for different uses in different lighting conditions. Thanks Tough Zone are provided with glass-coated scratch resistant temples eyeglasses Distance between them is 14 cm. Eyeglass ICE have ballistic resistance army satisfying the requirements of NATO. Ballistic resistance of the caliber 0.15 according to MIL-PRF-31013 Glasses can withstand a direct hit from a shotgun from a distance of 10 meters. ICE-2LS have as standard 2 kinds of protective glass (clear, dark gray). Goggles ESS only absorb sunlight and therefore is good visibility with dark glasses in the shade. Glass: Report of two extremely resistant polycarbonate lenses thickness of 2.4 mm Tested Czech Office for the testing of weapons and ammunition in Prague thanks to ESS Modular Technology replacement windows are not expensive and are easily replaceable. All the lenses provide 100% protection against UVA / UVB rays and provide 100% transparency without distorting the visual field. The frameless ESS Vice Rx Carrier are also compatible with the type of eyewear ESS Profile NVG ESS Vice Rx Carrier is also at the same time compatible wit