ESS PROFILE NVG goggles Tactical Kit FOLIAGE

Glasses No.1 for the U.S. Army

Goggles ESS Profile NVG is the only compact system uncompromising eye protection for the U.S. Army. These glasses have been developed in close cooperation with elite units of the U.S. Army and therefore excel in all possible advantages of low profile glasses that are compatible with night vision without limitation excellent filtration of dust and other particles floating around. These glasses have a wide field of vision, glasses are protected against fogging and scratching and provide a unique ballistic protection. Goggles come standard with two lens thickness of 2.8 mm with ballistic protection (color smoky gray and clear), with a quality carrying case with a belt clamp and cap sleeves Stealth Sleeve, which prevents glare while wearing the goggles on the helmet.

Glasses have lenses with anti-scratch protected and blurring ClearZone FC. All windshields ESS meet NATO standards ballistic cal.22 MIL-V-43511C. All

used glasses provide 100% protection against UVA / UVB rays and provide 100% transparency without distorting the visual field. Thanks

ESS Modular Technology replacement windows are not expensive and are easily replaceable You can purchase additional lenses with protection against laser radiation, Laser Protective Lenses (LPLs) for the most commonly used wavelengths: 694nm and 1064nm

Profile NVG Goggles are equipped with a 35 mm wide mounting strap with buckle for quick clamping expander glasses and quick release buckle for eyeglasses.

ESS Outrigger Strap System offers the best comfort when used with the protective helmet.

Low profile design is compatible with night vision systems. Circumferential good ventilation and filtration system allows for a release of moist air from the interior of the glasses on the other hand prevents penetration of dust, smoke and particles floating around the interior of the glasses. Design with normal wide profile provides an exceptional wide field