ESS INFLUX goggles Tactical Kit TERRAIN TAN

By virtually eliminating lens fogging, the ESS Influx military goggle allows troops to maintain full situational awareness in dynamic tactical environments. As part of the goggles patented Adjustable Ventilation System (AVS), the Influx RotoClip™ silently pivots the position of the lens inside the goggle frame: choose either a dust-free, fully-sealed mode or a fog-free, open-ventilation mode. With Influx, troops can always see clearly and act fast when seconds count. In addition to controlling the AVS, the RotoClip enables one of the fastest lens exchange systems ever found in a goggle. Operators can switch between lens tints with speed and ease, accelerating environmental adaptability and shortening down time. Combined with a host of other significant advancements, the Influx™ stands ready to cut through the fog of war and help clear a path to victory.