Goggles ESS Flight Deck are developed and designed specifically for day wear in combination with a helmet and can be used with ordinary prescription glasses. When their design was based on the needs of the shipboard personnel of aircraft carriers, which include for your comfort and safety favorites. Are authorized for use by the U.S. Navy (U.S. Navy), with the Australian Navy are even established a single type.

They can be worn with ordinary prescription glasses. 2.4 mm thick polycarbonate glass provides sufficient protection against solid particles poletujúcimi high speed, for example, meets these standards ballistic protection: MIL-V-43511C (NATO standard for eye protection, test subjects must stop the projectile caliber .22), ANSI Z87.1 + 2003 (Standard American Civil National Standards Institute) or CE EN 166B (European standard for eye and face protection). Glasses have ClearZone finish, which protects them against fogging and scratching. They also provide 100% UVA / UVB rays. They can be easily and quickly replaced.

Fully vented frame allows maximum airflow in glasses, which reduces fogging, yet with sophisticated foam filters prevent the ingress of small particles inside the glasses. The frame is lined with soft foam, which makes long-term wear more pleasant. Eyeglass frame allows for maximum peripheral vision, much better than previously established eyewear M44 SWD.

gray elastic band with a width of 26 mm ensures reliable grip glasses. The glasses are attached by means of sophisticated



flaps, which allow a comfortable fit when using helmets.

The glasses can be supplied diptrickou insert

striker RX

, which is inserted into the frame of the glasses.