ESS CROSSBOW Glasses Set of 3 glass + Hardcase

After putting CrossbowTM shooting glasses, you immediately notice the fundamental difference compared to the other glasses with ballistic resistance. Frame Technology Tri-Tech FitTM provides for these glasses universal application for all users with maximum comfort wear. Then grab your attention windshields: nezahmlia is. That’s thanks to groundbreaking technology ClearZoneTM FlowCoat, which was developed precisely to eliminate fogging inside and protective glasses to protect against scratching the outside of the protective glasses. Once you experience its goal through windshields’s glasses, thanks to ESSOPTICSTM, discover how it can be transparent lenses are optically amazingly clean without any hint of distortion. Once you replace windows, locking technology glasses DedBoltTM Lens Lock provides simple handling, but when locked firmly fixed glass in a frame. As other articles ESS Crossbow course model is in conformity with the standards of U.S. Federal OSHA, ANSI Z87.1 +, CE EN 166 and U.S. MIL-PRF-31013th Appearance, ergonomics, functionality. Just tuned to the last detail. Try and see for yourself.

Eyewear advice CrossSeries TM

contents of container products

frame sunglasses: black color

Insurance rubber: black

Lens: Polycarbonate glass thickness 2.4 mm with ballistic resistance with 100% protection against the UVA / UVB rays. Surface protection devices: Enhanced ESS ClearZoneTM FlowCoat against fogging and scratching. Lens Color: Clear 1pc, 1pc smoky gray, yellow 1pc – in suite

red glass – are not included in the kit

covers glass microfiber 2p

Portable Hard cover with zipper



ANSI Z87.1 +

U.S. Federal OSHA

CE EN 166